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My Safety Starts With Me
Workshop Series

we offer in-person and virtual workshops and conferences to youth ages 12-17

The My Safety Starts With Me (MSSWM) workshop series was created to simplify a complex issue so young people can understand and stay engaged.  It empowers participants to take ownership of their safety by teaching them how to recognize, respond to and disclose abuse.  We normalize using anatomical terms of body parts, identify healthy relationships, and set boundaries.  Goal setting gives children a sense of purpose that can build their self-esteem.  Each workshop is 50 minutes and consists of an interactive lecture and guided written exercises.  At the conclusion of the workshop series, participants receive a certificate of completion and a custom Starr participant swag bag.

Sex Trafficking Awareness & Safety 101

Sex Trafficking Awareness & Safety 101 is a 50-minute interactive workshop for youth ages 12-17.  The workshop equips youth with the tools and knowledge to recognize, respond to, and disclose sexual exploitation.  We are also creating lifelong advocates by educating youth early on. 


Internet Safety

Internet Safety is a 50-minute interactive workshop for youth ages 12-17. Participants will learn the importance of internet safety, associated risks, and how to protect themselves when using the internet.

You SHINE Self-Esteem

You SHINE Self-esteem is a 50-minute interactive workshop for youth ages 12-17.  Participants will define self-esteem and learn examples of high and low self-esteem.  Participants will also learn the importance of self-esteem, how to improve it and factors that affect it.


Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a 50-minute interactive workshop for youth ages 12-17.  Participants will learn what a goal is, how to set them, the importance of goals and how to accomplish them.  Participants will also complete a visioning activity.


Sex Trafficking Awareness & Safety 101 is an amazing workshop.  Our students were able to learn a lot and engage and participate and really reflect on things happening here in our city in Atlanta and all around the world.  It was important for us to have Starr present to our students because we knew that she would be lively and energetic and engage our students in a discussion and that it would not feel like a lecture on a topic that could be hard for some students.  Starr connected with our students and helped them understand this big and complex issue.  Our students learned a lot and will use this information to protect themselves and their friends.”

Mikala Streeter -Founding Principal, The Life School

Need Help Now?

If you are being exploited or suspect someone is, you can report the abuse to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

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