The Starr Institute is, in a way a chapter in our Founder’s very own developing book of memoirs.  Our story is rooted in her firsthand knowledge of the strength that comes from triumph over the pain of sexual abuse. Founded in January of 2017, The Starr Institute seeks to fill in the gaps of initiatives designed to bring awareness, and go deeper to heal the internal pain that comes from being victimized and sexually abused. When a girl is abused, part of her childhood innocence dies, her body becomes numb and she is silenced.  If she is never able to share her pain and awaken her sense of self, she is bound to live out her life through the lens of trauma. This is a destiny unfit for our girls.


We believe in the healing powers of storytelling and giving voice to the girls who have been silenced through abuse.  When a girl has a voice, she can change the world.

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101 Marietta Street NW, Ste. 250

Atlanta, GA 30303

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