The Starr Institute (TSI) is rooted in Shavontana "Starr" Davis,' firsthand knowledge of the strength that comes from triumphing over the pain of sexual abuse. Founded in January 2017, TSI was created to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of youth.  When a child is abused, part of their childhood innocence dies, their body becomes numb and they are silenced.  If the child is never able to share their pain and awaken their sense of self, they are bound to live out a life through the lens of trauma. This is a destiny unfit for our youth.


Awareness and prevention are paramount in protecting youth from abuse. We believe in equipping youth with the tools and knowledge to take ownership of their safety.  Here at The Starr Institute, we know that being able to tell your story and have your voice heard is healing. Abuse can’t silence us.  When youth have a voice, they can change the world.