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We foster an environment where youth can rebuild self-esteem, self-worth, dignity and love of self.

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Our programming focuses on healing trauma through emotional, physical and nutritional wellness.

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We’re working towards opening a home where girls who have been trafficked can live safely and process what they’ve experienced.


Sexual trauma can be one event or a series of events over time. Sexual trauma occurs when the child involved feels a sense of fear, helplessness, injury or threat of injury.  When sexual trauma occurs in childhood, the feelings of shame and self blame can be stronger.  


There is a significant correlation between a child's sexual abuse or exploitation and the likelihood of their arrest.  Race, social economic background, education and community are all vital to this discussion.  The Starr Institute’s programs were birthed from our belief that youth receive the trauma informed care and support they need to become the best version of themselves.


At The Starr Institute, we meet youth where they are.  Our approach is to heal the trauma from within and subsequently treat the inevitable issues that stem from the traumatic experience.